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April 13th,2014
Our Orlando Jai-Alai page has been updated Click Here

Miami Jai-Alai casino sold at auction for $155m
ABC Funding LLC, the lender behind Miami Jai-Alai’s casino expansion, fought off competition to place the winning bid of $155m to acquire all assets of Florida Gaming Corp., which owns Miami Jai-Alai casino. The historic venue is now set to boost its sports and gaming operations in Miami’s marketplace.

Held on Tuesday (March 25, 2014) at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, the auction attracted casino operators including Mohegan Sun and Penn National, each placing bids. Other bidders included Z Cap Florida Gaming, GLP Capital, and Silvermark, who was blocked from buying Miami Jai-Alai in 2012 due to interference from ABC Funding. Silvermark was the second highest bidder at the auction, at $115m plus assuming $14m of debt.

The auction was conducted by Luis Salazar of the Salazar Jackson law firm of Miami, Florida Gaming’s attorney. It stemmed from an $87m loan Florida Gaming borrowed from ABC Funding back in 2011, to expand its casino offering when Florida was looking to expand casino gaming. The company refurbished the casino but reportedly failed to make its principal payments on time.

Florida Gaming Corp. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last August, to stall a foreclosure lawsuit by ABC Funding over the loan, which had amounted to $127m as the defaults caused the interest rate to skyrocket to 33pc. ABC Funding was granted the right to credit bid and use up to $100m of debt to fund the winning auction.

“Since last August, we have been working toward a positive resolution to this case that would benefit not only those involved but also the surrounding community,” remarked Salazar. “This sale makes that possible.”

Located near Miami International airport, the jai-alai fronton features a 60,000 sq. ft. casino that houses approximately 1,000 slot machines, a poker room and digital table games. The casino opened in January 2012 within the Miami Jai-Alai, which has featured live jai-alai matches since 1926, as well as live entertainment from artists such as Thin Lizzy and Aerosmith.

There Is A Future For Jai-Alai

(OLE)Orlando Jai-Alai Live Began April 4th,2014 With A Full Roster ~~For more information on the Orlando Season Check MerryFestival.Com Click Here

#12 Todd Myre & #35 Daniel Spinner
Interviewed on 740 AM The Game by Marc Daniels

Orlando Jai-Alai
Home of the Citrus Invitational

Live Season Starts April 4th,2014
Orlando 2014 Roster Roster Click Here

Dania Tournament 1998 (3 Games)
Tournament of Champions Qualifying Rounds

You will see most of the biggest stars of this era,Elicegui,Arteche,Echave,Elorrio,Erkiaga,Felix,Alberdi,Zulueta,Tim,Zalenka,Enrique,Irondo,Beheretche,Aemendariz
You can move the slider bar to watch what you want.

March 1st,2014
Legislature 2014: Gambling, again

Pari-mutuels - Florida's nearly three dozen dog tracks, horse tracks and jai-alai frontons want a lower tax rate and the right to offer the same games as the Seminoles and any proposed "destination resort" casinos. They also want to offer fewer races, if any, and focus more on other forms of gambling.

Pari-mutuel changes – Lawmakers are still debating whether to allow more gambling options or other benefits for horse and dog tracks and jai-alai frontons. The industry has many supporters in the Legislature, but efforts to expand the types of games permitted undoubtedly will run into opposition from lawmakers worried about allowing dozens of new full-blown casinos.

Read Complete Article <--Click Here

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Dania Casino & Jai-Alai
301 East Dania Beach Blvd,
Dania Beach Fl

Phase 1,Now Open!!

April is fan appreciation month @ Dania Jai-Alai.

Every Wednesday in April there will be raffle prize giveaways and $1 domestic beers in the Jai-alai auditorium. Join us Wednesday nights for 12 exciting games of professional Jai-alai including four qualifying games for the "Pro Spring challenge" tournament. We will also be giving away signed memorabilia, Miami Heat and Marlins tickets, jai-alai match-play vouchers and hundreds of dollars in free play for our casino.

Don't miss out on Wednesday nights in April for entertainment, excitement and appreciation from Dania Casino and Jai-alai.

GREAT Save By David Minvielle,From France

Irastorza & Diego

1982 Finals Of The N.A.J.F. ~~Milford Vs Miami
21 Point partido Joey-Elorduy Against Azca-Boniguen --Each team has each won 1 game--

The last 5 points of the "Tournament of Champions" Miami Against Tampa
This is truely a GREAT VIDEO~~Don't miss it.

Jai Alai YouTube Videos Click Here

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This video added on Feb 13,2014 to the main page of JaiAlaiUSA.Net

2008 World Cup @ Dania

World Cup Dania 2008 from Bill Swanfeld on Myspace.

In 2003 a young 21 year old Aimar came to Fort Pierce and I was impressed.He was loaded with talent but not very seasoned.In this video we will see a very polished player,it's great to see them blossom.
Aimar stands 6'2" is now 33,and comes from Spain.

Highlights From The 2009 Citrus Invitational
Attn: Aficionado's Don't Miss This Video,43 Vollies for just 1 point,Tony Woods announces at his very best!!

Miami JaiAlai Website Casino Miami Website

Miami Stats

Entertainment-Concerts At Miami

Click Above

The present live Jai-Alai schedule calls for matinee's everyday but saturday.
NO evening performances at all.

Miami - Overall Wins leaders~ Thru April 14th,2014
  • Lopez 94
  • Goikoetxea 85
  • Irastorza 84
  • Aritz 78
  • Aitzol 70

Through April 14th,2014

NOTE:The Miami Winter Season has begun.The Overall Wins Champion 2013 was Imanol Lopez,The Singles Champion was Goikoetxea

Singles Leaders Goiko 19~Lopez 18~~Aritz 16 Thru April 13th,2014~~Goikoetxea has not won Game 12,(The Singles Championship Game) in the last dozen performances.

Who Will Win The Singles Championship Between Goiko & Lopez?

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Two Player Rosters Will Go by The Wayside (opinion)

Oct 9th,2013
New Rules At Odds With Some in Gambling Industry

The proposed jai-alai regulations would require all permit holders to have a rotational system of at least eight different players certified by a "recognized national or international" jai-alai association. The draft rule is apparently aimed at quelling a fight over jai-alai games at Ocala Poker and Jai-Alai, which began its 2012 season with just two players, drawing complaints from professional jai-alai players.

The proposed rules, released by the state Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering last week and up for discussion for the first time at a workshop Oct. 16, are an attempt to rein in the proliferation of questionable practices at race tracks and jai-alai frontons throughout the state, ranging from "flag-drop" horse races to a fronton without a full roster of players.

Click Anywhere on Photo To Watch The Partido
Diego-Irastorza Against Aritz-Txasio (Chasio)
World Championship

Biarritz Finale Held Aug 28th,2013

Seleccionar idioma~~~Time of day in Spain Click here

Remen-Barrondo vs Rekalde-Goitio 1994 Click Here

Bolivar~~Bolivar~~ Our Page on Boli~NOW HERE Bolivar Click Here
Watch our video's on Youtube Click here

Diego & Irastorza in the finals Doubles Champion 2013

3 Team Partido From Spain

Antxon-Olabe (Plays Backcourt)Meabe Zabala---Barandika-Lekebika
Watch some of the young talent along with the veteran "Olabe"
Click here

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To Visit our Tribute Website Click the provided link.
Tribute Website

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Dania Walk The Court
Meet The Players

Click Here-Dania Walk the Court 2009

Dania Jai-Alai is now "Dania Casino Jai-Alai"

The 2013/2014 Winter Season Started November 1st,2013

Dania Entries Entries Click Here

Dania Top 5

Stats Thru March 16th,2014

  • 1. ERIK........................144 Wins
  • 2. ARRIETA.....................114 "
  • 3. Beitia......................108 "
  • 4. Salegi......................106 "
  • 5. Chasio................... ...99 "

  • Erik 31
  • Diego 18
  • Angel 16
  • Zulaika 12
  • Solozabal 10
  • Watch the 2007 World Cup Final
    World Cup
    Click Here
    Goikoetxea-Enbil Vs A.Arriaga-Irastorza For The Title..
    Click Here

    Each season the pelotari who tops the roster in Wins for each game with the exception of Game 10,"The Florida Singles Championship" and Game 12,"The Florida Singles Championship" is honored.

    Jai-Alai History...Click Here

    Check our page on Fort Pierce,Click Here

    Bridgeport Jai-Alai 1983-84 Championship Roster
    Roster Click Here
    Courtesy Of Joe Visciglia,Ct.Realtor

    Bridgeport Handles
    Handles Click Here



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